Petits plaisirs #1: send and receive cards

Let’s start the year in a sweet way! While we’re currently wishing to our friends and family all the best for 2017, I wanna talk about a feel good thing perfect in this context: sending and receiving cards. I’m gonna be honest, I rarely send cards. I often plan to do it but I forget, and […]

Books from my childhood

The unforgettable books from my childhood

I wanna start the Books category of this blog by talking about the novels from my childhood. No Harry Potter here (even though I’m a huge fan), but I wanna focus on the books which made me love and sometimes hate literature.  As far as I remember, I always wanted to read. At home, we had […]

The quarter-life crisis

I wanna start this blog by talking about the quarter-life crisis. I know that it’s bit déjà-vu, but that’s precisely because I saw a lot of articles about that a couple of months ago that I wanted to write about it. I remember that at that time, I was a bit sceptical and it was even […]


It’s funny how this blog has actually existed since four years ago, but I stopped posting after only one article (hello, willingness!). I guess the lack of times and confidence led me to stop this project…To be honest, I even forgot that I had a blog and I rediscovered it randomly, while I was thinking […]